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Strategy of The Hour
Astrologist Ira Krister
Neptune in Pisces – 2011/2012 – 2025 .
Mankind universal laws of evolution inspirer.

That which is below is like that which is above.

And that which is above is like that which is below.

“Emerald Tablet”

Hermes Trismegistus

Higher Planets

Pluto (world history cleaner) launched a new evolutionary stage of human development in 2008, and in 2010/2011 Uranus (world history transformer) have joined it. Their interaction over 7 years (2011-18) was tense, they activated immediate, irrevocable, capital and essential changes.

What about Neptune role is all of this?

Neptune in Pisces – 2011/2012 – 2025 years – mankind universal laws of evolution inspirer. Due to the fact that Pisces is a dual sign, and Neptune is always ready to slip into the blissful world of illusions, substitutions of fundamental concepts and goals are not excluded.

General trends

First manifestations of Neptune brought a general sense of uncertainty and irrationality of the events. As a result, the perception of the world has become overestimated by idealistic motives, which became an incentive impetus for revolutionary masses (Uranus and Pluto tried it too), who are inspired by destabilization and destruction of the existing order of things.

The time of selfishness and frankly consumer attitude began to give up its positions to Solidarity, which is closing up fast, when collective needs of people in interpersonal relationships will be sympathy, compassion, empathy, interpenetration. Such qualities as open-mindedness, mutual assistance, ability to accept and trust others, mercy and self-sacrifice have become popular. Such values as patience, peacefulness and even modesty are again in trend.

The greatest evolution task of Neptune is to tame presumptuous pride, arrogance, selfishness, cynicism and hypocrisy of modern people.

Destructiveness of Neptune in Pisces can direct revolutionary people the wrong way – as a result of blind personality subordination (don’t confuse with solidarity) and extremist programs (under Pluto-Uranus quadrature), overthrowing existing regimes without a definite plan for ‘bright future’ or with the aim of preserving the existing order of things through violence. Utopian groups can also blur conscious perception of real life. In this regard, 2015-16 will be marked by radical economic and political bursts (Jupiter opposition and Saturn-Neptune quadrature).

Since Neptune is a symbolic ruler of oil and gas, we can expect news in this industries.

Practical psychology will reach new heights during the period of Neptune in Pisces, which will help to discover deeper causes of human distress and offer new ways and tools to heal it. By the way, ‘psychology’ is denoted by Greek letter ‘psi’, which is very similar to Neptune astrological symbol.

Esoteric and laws of nature will get a special meaning. Flourishing cultures based on mystical tendencies will contribute to spiritual rebirth of many people.

Historical parallels

Neptune in Pisces last cycle (from 1846-47 to 1861-62) was a truly time of change.

In Russia, Emancipation reform of 1861. World was in military and revolutionary conflicts: in the Crimea (Crimean War), in China (Opium Wars), in the USA (First War for Independence), in Burma (Second Anglo-Burmese War).

In Europe, as a result of economic crisis and on the wave of revolutions, Neptune (planet of ideologies, religions and illusions) introduced the infamous communism (The Communist Manifesto’, 1848) to the world, which became one of the leading ideologies of the era, and at the same time the greatest destructive illusion for generations of people.

One of the features of Neptune in Pisces is the transformation of ideological foundations due to the awareness of symbolic language. Mystical ideas and higher idealism are established, new secret organizations are created and existing are activated, as a certain mechanism for managing society. Freemasonry is the main example of such organizations, which established its dominant influence in society, by having members of the order on leading position all over the globe.


While Neptune was in Pisces industrial oil production was launched for the first time, which ensured industrialization of the world.

Personal plane

During this period, rational abilities are characterized by high mental instability and desire for something unusual. People can be an easy prey for manipulators, fraudsters, which are enveloping themselves in aura of mysterious power, but in fact pursuing only to control their victim as much as possible. Be careful!

Psychological problems can be accompanied by increased anxiety, hyperactivity, suspicions, fearfulness, fears, phobias, obsessive ideas, self-doubt, which can lead to confusions and all sorts of seductions (spiritual, magical).

Fear of surrounding world changes, can lead to a desire to hide, to distance yourself from reality, to jump into a world of illusions, by the means of altered consciousness. Tobacco, alcohol, drugs can activate our lower instincts and destructive impulses, such as fanaticism, excessive religiosity, simplified mysticism.

What we must do?

By your own will and on a conscious level, it is necessary:

- check your spiritual ideals with real events, which may not fit or intersect;

- determine the destination of your development, guided by the knowledge of universal evolution laws;

- admit that mercy and help to others are not empty words, but high ideals of development combined with deep values and hidden meaning;

- find emotional stability and harmonize your feelings through the contemplation of nature, personal creativity of any kind;

- establish awareness of your thoughts and actions, to establish life security.

Any meditative practices, including prayers, will contribute to spiritual renewal and transformations.

Don’t break from reality, replacing it with virtual network life – there you can easily get lost and become entangled in illusions and dependencies.

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