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Strategy of The Hour
Astrologist Ira Krister
Moon in Virgo May 12-14, 2019 .
It is time to become the master of your Fate!

From May 12, 07:22 pm to May 14, 09:51 pm.

Lunar days:

  • 9: to May 13, 01:41 pm;
  • 10: from May 13, 01:41 pm to May 14, 03:00 pm;
  • 11: May 14, 03:00 pm to 09:51 pm.
  • Moon void of course – May 14, from 08:19 pm to 09:51 pm.

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    This days of the lunar month’s second phase, the time of EMBODIMENT, promise us to bring important and long-awaited changes to our lives. Of course if you are still moving in right direction. Due to the Sun-Pluto trigon (May 14, at 06:06), which is a part of favorable configuration the “Temple” involving Neptune.

    Thus Her Majesty Intuition gives us an opportunity to see and understand the essence of ongoing events around you and your affairs, to discover the true reasons of your problems and find the ways to resolve them. But for this, it is needed to refuse any desire to displace all responsibility on other people or circumstances, and at the same time to become the Master of your Fate, and clearly envision the new scenario of your life development. Moreover, allocate a dedicated page in your notebook for each of your steps, to easily add and edit new events. And do not forget to pay heightened attention to affairs, questions or people, which are making your life harder or slow down your development.

    It is good to follow this motto - “When the wind of changes blows, set sails instead of walls.” And you need to collect all your will, to state that you are prepared to change yourself, strategy and tactics in regard to changing circumstances, colleagues, partners and authorities. Because, favorable question solving, related to profits increase will depend on it.

    There is another favorable aspect at our disposal – Venus-Mars sekstile (May 14. at 04:58), which can help us easily to solve any controversial questions with our partners. Since it can assist at favorable resolution of financial questions and stimulate romantic relationships. And I must say, this time such turn of events wont be an interference, but instead will introduce new sense and substance, which will be good.

    Now lets take a look at Mercury (ruler of Virgo), which is in diverging sekstile with Neptune. Far beyond the mountains we leave the time of doubts and misunderstandings. Now we must be decisive, active and constructive in our advance, and the Higher hypostasis of the Moon and Venus (which is Neptune is representing), will definitely help.

    This is a general picture of events. In the meantime, we start with a detailed analysis of the upcoming days, taking into account influence of lunar days and interactions of the MOON with other planets.

    Evening, May 12, in spite of being under 9 lunar day influence, may play an important role to discover something new and unusual in your life. Of course, if continue to work on transformation of your personality, to strengthen your position on a new stair of your existence. The Moon-Uranus convergent trigon will take care of it (May 13, at 01:32 am). This night dreams will be truly prophetic. Especially, if you get ready for bed the right way. First of all take a walk. Then take a salty foot bath. Temperature of the water must be pleasant, and amount of it must cover your heels. Throw a handful of salt in it, and then stand in the water for 9-10 minutes, imagining how everything bad is washed away. Then sit in front of a candle for 5 minutes and try to imagine how all these negative traits are burning on the top of the flame. Most importantly try to fall asleep in a good mood. This affirmation must help with it - “Sleep gives me cognition. Sleep give me prosperity” or “Love gives me success”.

    This evening can help you to discover shady sides of your personality. And so be cautious, to avoid being ruled by emotions and reactions.

    During first half of May 13 you need to make use of recommendation above. But at 04:41 10 lunar day will begin, and the Moon-Mercury trigon will be formed at 05:47 pm. Due to this circumstances, you need to use their energies to the fullest to establish new traditions, place the first brick into your new house, sign sales agreement or plant a fruit tree. If you were dreaming about starting a family business, it is a good time to do so. Purchases will be successful.

    Not a good time to break any business relationships or to quarrel with your loved once, since it can lead to a negative aftermath.

    May 14 will begin with the Moon-Neptune quadrature (at 02:13 am). Therefore, to avoid bad dreams and bad psychic well-being in the morning, restrain yourself from alcohol. This day can be equally successful and unsuccessful, due to the Moon-Saturn trigon (at 05:39). It is recommended to take a practical approach to anything. And then the Moon-Jupiter quadrature wont get you involved in any kind of gamble or conflict with your colleagues or bosses. If you will be successful, the Moon-Pluto trigon (at 10:11 am) and the Moon-Sun trigon (at 10:29) can help to achieve favorable changes in your life. And they will be happening by themselves, if you wont violate emotional responses with surroundings by your actions. After 03:00 pm this day will be under 11 lunar day influence, which can lead to incredible luck. Just remember, everything started today must be ended today.

    Closer to the evening you need to slow down, since the Moon-Mars quadrature will be formed at 08:19 pm. Under its influence strong emotions, irritation, physical weakness and bad mood are possible. Evening can be dangerous, if its hard to maintain your emotions. Be careful with your words and actions.

    What good can we do at this time for our body?

    We start with sound toning. This is truly a magical and easy to do exercise. Sound toning causing resonance in the cells of the body and increases their vitality. The sign of Virgo is a ‘dry cleaning’ of the body. Separating ‘the grain from the chaff, leaving necessary and useful in out body while getting rid of everything harmful and unnecessary.

    We will sing ‘Hoo-oo-oo’ sound during this day. While breathing in, we try our best to round our stomach filling it with oxygen. 10-15 minutes per day.

    Since Virgo is fully responsible for the vital functions of the digestive system, I recommend you to do hormonal gymnastics.

    First you need carefully rub your palms until they become hot. By the way, if your palms become dry and hot for a few seconds, then your energy is good. If the palms are warm, the energy supply of the body is reduced. If the palms do not get warm and become wet, then this may indicate that there are serious functional disorders in the body. But do not be upset about this. Start doing this exercise anyway, because it will allow you to get rid of all possible failures and related diseases, although this will take some time.

    Exercise. Abdomen massage.

    Place you left hand on an abdomen, right hand on your left hand and start doping clockwise circular motions. 1 motion per second. 30 seconds.

    During these days, everything you do for your stomach will prove effective as a prophylactic and therapeutic agent.

    For example, there is a simple but beneficial exercise. In the morning, before getting up, lying in bed pull the right knee to the chest with your hands, then left knee, and finally, pull both knees.

    If anger and rage prevail during this period, refer to your middle finger. Massage each joint in a circular motion, as if you are wearing a glove. For 2 minutes. Then using gentle pressure, as if you are removing a glove. Also for 2 minutes.

    During this period, oil of the Rose will help you to relax, relieve nervousness, and restore strength. Lavender will help with working mood and increase concentration. Put 1-2 drops of your chosen oil on your wrists and rub it in your skin.

    In the evening, using oil burner with ylang-ylang or cinnamon, you can relieve yourself of stress and achieve harmony. With citrus oils, you can massage the reflex zones of your feet.

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