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Strategy of The Hour
Astrologist Ira Krister
Moon in Virgo June 09-11, 2019 .
CRISIS is not a catastrophe, but a CHANCE...

From June 9, 12:45 am to June 11, 03:29 am..

Lunar days:

  • 6: to June 9, 11:29 am;
  • 7: from June 9, 11:29 am to June 10, 12:48 pm;
  • 8: from June 10, 12:48 pm to June 11, 03:29 am.
  • Moon void of course – from June 10, from 03:01 pm to June 11, 03:29 am.

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    This day of lunar month will be marked with interpenetration of two lunar phases development – the ending of the first quarter of the Moon, the time of INITIATIONS, and the beginning of the second quarter, the time of EMBODIMENT.

    The most significant here is that Venus is transitioning to the sign of Gemini (June 9, at 04:38) during intersection of two lunar quarters. And moreover, Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo.

    Taking into consideration everything written above we need to be ready that mismatch of ideology views may lead to nervousness and foolishness due to increased perception and desire to by all means be victorious. A wish to meddle with other people matters without any need can stop favorable processes started earlier. Do not hurry, make hasty conclusions or make unwanted sacrifices. Because The Sun forms quadrature with Neptune (June 9, at 06:07 pm).

    Restrain of feelings may prevent the game of imagination and elevation of emotions. Due to this you need to postpone sorting things out with your loved ones until The Moon enters Libra. Avoid starting new relationships, especially romantic ones.

    Abilities to generalize and vision of the future will be dulled, but nagging and pedantry will arise. This may lead to mutual blaming. The most terrible is to get into quarrels with your bosses or authorities. And all your plans will be filled with difficulties and obstacles. Because of The Sun-Saturn quixons (June 10, at 12:04 pm).

    Do not sign any documents during this period, because they will be full of bloopers and you can can get confused due to The Sun-Jupiter opposition (June 10, at 06:28 pm).

    Mercury will be in sekstile with Uranus and quadrature with Chiron (our Golden Key) and strongly advises to prepare ourselves to make deliberate choices and decisions about our lives changes due to Eclipses in July. And that's why we need to get rid of some bits of our self-preservation instincts and get ready to evolve. As a bare minimum we need to reconsider the idea of “Crisis”. It is not a “catastrophe”, but a “turning-point before changes”.

    Also, the starting degree of the second quarter of this lunar month is “single-minded”. And figuratively we can define it as: “A group of immigrants sets of on old cars”. Here we can see a motion towards the goal despite of an unsuitable equipment. And ahead is only need for a new experience.

    This is a general picture of events. In the meantime, we start with a detailed analysis of the upcoming days, taking into account influence of lunar days and interactions of the MOON with other planets.

    First half of June 9 is under The Moon-Uranus trigon (at 09:16 am) influence. So we can expect increase in creativity and all kind of ideas. But don’t be over enthusiastic or it can slow implementation of your ideas. Because June 9, until 11:29 am, is still under 6 lunar day influence, which tells us to observe balance in everything.

    Later this day will be under 7 lunar day influence. At 02:33 pm The Moon forms sesktile with Mercury. The power of the word will increase tenfold. Remember about this and be cautious when saying anything, since your words can come true. Be sure to think before you say or negative chattering will hurt you in the future. It is good to refuse any party invitations.

    This a good day to go hiking, no matter how far or where. Poets and writers will be pleased with this period sue to exceptional inspiration and a new breakthroughs in their creations. Favorable day for pranayama exercises and work with all kinds of smells, because in upper respiratory tract and lungs transformation of cosmic energy (prana) will take place.

    June 10 begins with The Moon-Mars sekstile (at 03:45 am). Closer to the morning The Moon forms, at first glance, several contradictory aspects – quadrature with The Sun (at 08:59 am), trigon with Saturn (09:12 am) and quadrature with Jupiter (at 09:42). And at the same time they can play a very positive role in affairs, but only if you avoid sorting things out with your superiors or colleagues. If there is no way to avoid this try to be creative and inventive, and be sure to stick to the subject of discussion. Also you can postpone your discussions to the second half of the day, when The Moon forms trigon with Pluto. But not after 03:01 pm, because The Moon will be void of course.

    A couple of exercises and procedures to help our body flourish!

    We start with sound toning. Sound is an acoustic embodiment of energy. Different sound combinations give us certain type of energy. And our consciousness, like a receiver, absorbs the vibrations of this energy and directs it into cells of our body, thereby causing a resonance. The cell increases its vitality and self-healing.

    The sign of Virgo is a ‘dry cleaning’ of the body. Separating ‘the grain from the chaff, leaving necessary and useful in out body while getting rid of everything harmful and unnecessary.

    We will sing ‘Hoo-oo-oo’ sound during this day. While breathing in, we try our best to round our stomach filling it with oxygen. 10-15 minutes per day.

    Since Virgo is fully responsible for the vital functions of the digestive system, I recommend you to do hormonal gymnastics.

    First you need carefully rub your palms until they become hot. By the way, if your palms become dry and hot for a few seconds, then your energy is good. If the palms are warm, the energy supply of the body is reduced. If the palms do not get warm and become wet, then this may indicate that there are serious functional disorders in the body. But do not be upset about this. Start doing this exercise anyway, because it will allow you to get rid of all possible failures and related diseases, although this will take some time.

    Exercise. Abdomen massage.

    Place you left hand on an abdomen, right hand on your left hand and start doping clockwise circular motions. 1 motion per second. 30 seconds.

    During these days, everything you do for your stomach will prove effective as a prophylactic and therapeutic agent.

    For example, there is a simple but beneficial exercise. In the morning, before getting up, lying in bed pull the right knee to the chest with your hands, then left knee, and finally, pull both knees.

    If anger and rage prevail during this period, refer to your middle finger. Massage each joint in a circular motion, as if you are wearing a glove. For 2 minutes. Then using gentle pressure, as if you are removing a glove. Also for 2 minutes.

    During this period, oil of the Rose will help you to relax, relieve nervousness, and restore strength. Lavender will help with working mood and increase concentration. Put 1-2 drops of your chosen oil on your wrists and rub it in your skin.

    In the evening, using oil burner with ylang-ylang or cinnamon, you can relieve yourself of stress and achieve harmony. With citrus oils, you can massage the reflex zones of your feet.

    I wish you all the best!

    * This information is generalized. Individual forecast is possible only during personal consultations.

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