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Strategy of The Hour
Astrologist Ira Krister
Moon in Libra July 8-10, 2019 .
The boundary between past, present and future.

From July 8, 09:07 am to July 10, 12:29 pm.

Lunar days:

  • 6: until July 8, 11:55 am;
  • 7: from July 8, 11:55 am to July 9, 01:13 pm;
  • 8: from July 9, 01:13 pm to July 10, 12:29 pm.
  • Eclipses Corridor!
  • Moon void of course – from July 9, 10:35 pm to July 10 12:29 pm.

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    Current days of the lunar month in Eclipses Corridor are very abundant in astro events!

    And first of all, because of the borderline between tho phases of lunar month – the ending of the first phase of The Moon, which is related to INITIATIONS, the start of the second phase, related to EMBODIMENT, and the Middle Point between Eclipses. Both of this events will occur on July 9. The second lunar phase begins at 01:55 pm, while the Middle Point will happen at 10:26 pm.

    Respectively, to properly estimate which of our initiations can be successful, we need to understand what the Middle Point between eclipses is about. In general it is only a calendar date between Eclipses, but in essence it is a frontier between your past events and expectations for the future. If you are seriously prepared for the changes in one of your areas of life, you can tune in to the middle energies of the Transformations Corridor and try to breakthrough with the help of it. Of course, the determining factor for success is the degree of resonance of this point with your birth chart. In any case, if you will be active enough, it is possible to begin the process of liberation from anything redundant, which can be the reason of your unhappiness.

    In this regard a great help can be the configuration called “Temple”, with participation of Venus (the ruler of Libra) in sekstile with Uranus (exact aspect July 8, at 06:31 pm) and in trigon with Black Moon. Also, a conjunction of The Sun and Ascending Lunar Node (exact aspect July 10, at 06:36 am), on which on July 2 Full Solar Eclipse happened, is inspiring.

    For the sake of our and other people safety, we need to remember that the middle point energies are very powerful and we need treat them with care and caution. The best tactic is a combination of inner calm and willingness to act, i.e self-discipline, which will not allow to take you by surprise by any situation and will help to control this difficult days.

    The best confirmation to everything said above is the conjunction of stationary-retro Mercury with Mars (exact aspect on July 9, at 01:22 am), as the symbol of the degree of the second phase of The Moon: “An inactive sea captain in uniform is watching the ships departing”. Here we can see a desire for welfare, mature and gentle participation in life. An ability to gain objectively calm understanding of the occurring outer events can help to clearly understand and overcome your desires via assertiveness and struggle to achieve desired goals.

    If you already started something, be sure to be calm and avoid anxiety, since any form of concern during this days will play a negative role in achieving your goal. Also it is dangerous to leave any matters unattended until July 12. Otherwise the middle point energies may drag you into the torrent of unpredictable events, which can be even more disastrous than any disharmonious Eclipse. The opposition of The Sun with Saturn (exact aspect July 9, at 08:06 pm) warns us about this. Retro transition of Saturn suggests that it could be started earlier matters or relationships.

    Try to find the time for self-development, so you can unleash your creative potential for future projects. Financial planning is not advisable during this days, since any accident can change a “plus” sign to “minus”.

    This is a general picture of events. In the meantime, we start with a detailed analysis of the upcoming days, taking into account influence of lunar days and interactions of the MOON with other planets.

    During July 8 The Moon is complacent to us thanks to sekstile with Mars (exact aspect at 04:12 pm) and sekstile with Mercury (exact aspect at 04:38 pm). Since Mercury has entered the second phase of retro loop and is currently stationary, it is a good time to define matters that are “stuck” and are still relevant to you, and problematic questions from the past you need to solve. Probably they are home or family matters. You need to sort out you inner conflicts, which are in your subconscious and have an emotional nature. Be sure to postpone “sorting out” events for another day, since it will be unsuccessful. And its because of The Moon-Venus quadrature (exact aspect at 07:35 pm) and the influence of 7 lunar day.

    If you fail to control your speech this day, you will face consequences. Be sure to follow this motto: “Silence – Gold”. And since the intense aspect of The Moon and Venus will be relevant closer to the evening, it is advisable to avoid parties and noisy company.

    The first half of July 9 will be under The Moon-Jupiter sekstile (exact aspect at 12:32 pm) influence. And that is why there is a huge possibility to fix earlier disagreements between children and parents, managers and subordinates. Just don’t think it will happen instantly, since The Moon is in quadrature to retro Saturn (exact aspect at 02:25 pm) and the response can be partial or limited. Do not despair though, closer to August everything will be good. It is a good day to keep your ears open – everything said about you will definitely true and beneficial, because they can help you to understand main reasons for your emotional triggers. This day is under 8 lunar day influence and its symbol is “The Mirror”. But avoid this “mirror” in the evening, since the intensity of feelings and emotions will prevent you to adequately percieve the opinions of others. Even kind words will cause you to feel mistrust and irritability. Since The Moon froms quadrature with Pluto (exact aspect at 10:35 pm).

    On July 10 The Moon will void of course. Do not trust any promises and do not give them. They will not come true anyways. Not advisable to take any action related to new matters, or appoint negotiations with new partners.

    A couple of exercises and procedures to help our body flourish!

    We start with sound toning. This is truly a magical and easy to do exercise. Sound toning causing resonance in the cells of the body and increases their vitality. Libra by the name itself indicates the main function of this zodiacal sign – maintaining the balance of various processes of the body. To do this, the hormonal system that provides homeostasis, the vestibular apparatus and many different subsystems have to constantly perform the finest adjustments. During this days we will sing “Ah-Oh-Ooo-Uhm” or “Seeee” sounds.

    While breathing in, we try our best to round our stomach filling it with oxygen. 10-15 minutes per day.

    Since Libra is fully responsible for the vital functions of the kidneys, I recommend you to do hormonal gymnastics.

    Make two fists. Place you back of the hands on your back. Then, with movement directed to the spine, move the kidneys together, then loosen and spread your arms. Repeat this kind of movements until a feeling of warmth appears. During this exercise, all your thought must be with your hands and kidneys.

    During these days, everything you do for the hips and the bladder will prove effective as a prophylactic and therapeutic agent.

    Therefore, I recommend a very simple exercise. Stand on the floor, while inhaling pull your right leg towards the chest, you can slightly help yourself with your hands. Hold this position for a few seconds and as you exhale, lower you leg. Repeat this exercise three times for each leg. During this days it is recommended to drink as much liquid as possible. Especially between 03:00 pm and 07:00 pm.

    Libra time is from 03:00 am to 05:00 am and is in close relationship with the lungs. For those who are not sleeping at this time, can become sad and depressed. The lungs are a bridge between the body and the soul. That is why we often say: “I can not breath because of this”. Yes, sadness and grief literally act as a choke and can lead to apathy, not just during this hours, but the whole day also. In order to get rid of unpleasant sensations you need to do simple exercise: cover your nose with your right hand, then lightly, without strong tension, rub and massage this small area. Do it while you enjoy it. Periodically stop the massage to fell its positive effect. Breathing during this exercise must be slow and even.

    I wish you all the best!

    * This information is generalized. Individual forecast is possible only during personal consultations.

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