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Strategy of The Hour
Astrologist Ira Krister
Moon in Scorpio July 10-12, 2019 .
The task is to understand the essence of the decisive moment.

From July 10, 12:29 pm to July 12, 06:05 pm..

Lunar days:

  • 8: until July 10, 02:29 pm;
  • 9: from July 10, 02:29 pm am to July 11, 03:45 pm;
  • 10: from July 11, 03:45 pm to July 12, 04:58 pm;
  • 11: July 12, from 04:58 pm to 06:05 pm.
  • Eclipses Corridor
  • Moon void of course – July 12, from 03:28 am to 06:05 pm.

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    Be ready, that Eclipses Corridor in the second half of lunar month is in EMBODIMENT zone, and will be filled with high level of psychic energies, under Pluto and Mars influence, and even with participation of Uranus. This energies will be raging everywhere, like a volcano erupting our passions and instincts. At this point, we can benefit from observing all our feelings, experiences, reactions, which are most of the time our subconscious is throwing at us, and discover the true reasons for them.

    Most of you will agree – most of this manifestations are automatic reactions of our personality, and most of the time they can become the reason for our recurring failures, and blocking our self-development to find a place in society. And so, instead of moving with our lives, we are running in circles until exhaustion.

    And that is why we have an important task on our hands, to replace such manifestations with constructive forms and populate our consciousness with them. The conjunction of Pluto and Saturn of the Descending Lunar Node will help us with this matter. Also an opposition of Pluto with The Sun on the Ascending Lunar Node acts as alternative, instead of confrontation. And besides, we have a great support from retro-Mercury in conjunction with Mars, and also a safety bag from Neptune – in the form of trigon with The Sun (exact aspect July 11, at 07:31 am) and sekstile with Pluto.

    Don’t be surprised, if along with the first inner changes, outer reality will immediately respond and you will be faced with old questions and problems, which you put aside earlier. Don’t be afraid this time, accept them. Since no matter how painful this events can be, they will surely bring you peace and emancipation. If development of events will be hard to control, which a quadrature of Mars and Uranus (exact aspect July 11, at 09:01 pm) can provoke, be assured – this is only a temporary crisis, which is invoked to show you something important if your life. And your main task is to properly understand the reference and start the changes, which can protect you from such situations in your life. You will certainly see some tips, especially on July 12, when Venus will enter the degree of Full Solar Eclipse that happened on July 2! So, lets get going, friends!

    This is a general picture of events. In the meantime, we start with a detailed analysis of the upcoming days, taking into account influence of lunar days and interactions of the MOON with other planets.

    July 10 can be difficult! Unexpected events are quite possible, which will develop too fast. It is advisable to be cautious on the road, and distinctly control all external circumstances and you participation in them. Especially during the second half of the day, when The Moon forms a quadrature with retro-Mercury (exact aspect at 07:47 pm) and Mars (exact aspect at 10:20 pm) and opposition with Uranus (exact aspect at 11:20 pm). And all this aspects form an unpredictable and intense “Tau-Quadrature” configuration.

    And this is why it is not advisable to appoint meetings, go on trips, sorting things out with someone, or visit crowded places. During this day a feeling of excitement or anxiety can be very dangerous, since it can lead to reckless and impulsive acts, which will the reason for undesirable events for a long period in your life. Be tolerant to other people opinions and ideology. The cleansing practices during this day are greatly favorable, since it is under 9 lunar day influence.

    While The Moon is in the sign of transformations – Scorpio, and also in Eclipses Corridor, I think it is good to clean our karma with certain practices. And here is one of them: salty foot bath. Water temperature must be the one you like. Water must cover you feet up to ankle. Throw salt as much as you can take, with your left hand. It is necessary to stand in this water for 9-10 minutes, imagining a vertical stream that washes everything from you right into the water. And chanting: I forgive everyone, I purify my soul, I cast out all my hate, insult, malice and envy. I protect against evil. I attract strength and blessings. After, spend some time looking at a burning candle, dumping residuals of past bad experiences, failures and troubles on top of the flame, mentally burning them.

    July 11, considering all positive aspects of The Moon, can be truly “a ray of light”! It begins on a trigon with Venus (exact aspect at 04:29 am) and as long as the cleansing energies of 9 lunar day will be in play until 03:45 pm, I recommend in the first half of the day to sort out any screwed up relationships due to misunderstandings.

    During the second half of the day it is advisable to reevaluate your past matters. To achieve unity in opinions with your bosses, authoritative or elderly people, avoid harsh judgments. Instead try to show your support, serious intentions and sense of responsibility. This day is also favorable to settle your relationships with your loved ones. The sesktile of The Moon and retro-Saturn (exact aspect at 06:41), under 10 lunar day influence, will contribute to this.

    The evening with The Moon-Neptune trigon (exact aspect at 09:28 pm) looks heartwarming. Even if you will be faced with negative emotions during this day, the evening hours will give you a feeling of cleansing, release and satisfaction. Also it is possible to reformat some existing relationships due to powerful renewal energies flow from trigon of The Moon and The Sun (exact aspect at 10:33 pm). But this must be completed before 03:28 am July 12, since after the exact sekstile with Pluto, The Moon will be void of course.

    A couple of exercises and procedures to help our body flourish!

    Lets start with sound toning. This is a truly magical and easy to do exercise. Sound toning causes a resonance in cells of the body, and increases their vitality. The sign of Scorpio has an important mission. He must to find in our body everything unnecessary and get rid of it. The urinary system and rectum are mainly involved in this.

    During this days we will sing Youfor urinary system, andOi sounds. Try to sign them with a little bit of howling.

    While breathing in, we try our best to round our stomach, filling it with oxygen. 10-15 minutes per day.

    Since Scorpio is also responsible for reproductive system, I recommend you to do hormonal gymnastics.

    Sit on the floor and connect your feet, while spreading your knees. Clasp your feet and pull them up to your groin, avoiding any tension. Take a deep breath, straighten up your spine and slightly lower your chin. Do not slouch or lift your shoulders. Continue to pull your feet, pushing your knees to the floor. As soon as you reach your limit, stay in this position. Now try puling the stomach in every time you exhale. One pull in second, for 30 seconds.

    Since The Moon in Scorpio is in close relationship with large intestine, you need to remember, negative thoughts and self-doubt affect the work of large intestine which leads, which effects your state of health and mind. Sadness and sorrow – one of the strongest emotional experiences. We need to try and reach a harmony with ourselves and outer world. Avoid over eating.

    It is a good time for relaxing meditations, especially with incense. “Smell is a food that awakens the Spirit” - says the Koran.

    Patchouli helps self-immersion.

    Vanilla improves mood, relieve nervousness, soften the character.

    Ylang-ylang and citrus fruits gives confidence.

    Jasmine, bergamot, rosemary – against depression.

    Cedar, myrrh, sandalwood, geranium, rose – to calm yourself.

    I wish you all the best!

    * This information is generalized. Individual forecast is possible only during personal consultations.

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