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Strategy of The Hour
Astrologist Ira Krister
Moon in Capricorn August 11-13, 2019 .
Key moment or a steep turn.

From August 11 07:50 AM to August 13 06:35 PM.

Lunar days:

  • 10: till August 11 06:08 PM;
  • 11: from August 11 06:08 PM to August 12 06:59 PM;
  • 12: from August 12 06:59 PM to August 13 06:35 PM.
  • Moon void of course – August 13 from 01:11 AM to 06:35 PM.

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    This days of the second quarter of the lunar month, the time of EMBODIMENT, will relate to initiations that we were manifesting during the first quarter and even during July’s Eclipse Season, which we felt intuitively, as a thin, but still readable, premonition of upcoming life changes. The Moon is entering the sign of Capricorn, in which happened Partial Lunar Eclipse earlier. Those who were in resonance with themselves all this time probably felt an “awakening from a long dream”. And of course Providence was the main reason why you’ve seen yourself in a new light.

    There are four important events happens during this days.

    August 11 is the most fruitful.

    Social planet Jupiter is changing its transition to direct (exact aspect at 04:26 PM) in a magical 15 degree of Sagittarius, and contains a message: “Among the expanse of sand and centuries a man sees an impressive panorama – the great Pyramids and Sphinx”. It means that everyone if desired can see revelations about their social life and prospects of the future.

    At 08:43 PM an exact quixons of Venus with retro-Neptune forms, and someone can discover that everything he is craving for is actually a well forgotten past, which can bring happiness into one’s life. It is even possible that difficult relationships, unresolved questions and matters will correct themselves. The converging conjunction of Venus with The Sun, an apogee of this cycle that started November 2018, will also contribute to this. But it is imperative to forget all your grievances, misunderstandings and prejudices.

    In the end of the day Mercury transits to the sign of Leo (exact aspect at 10:47 PM). Since Mercury is accumulating his potential till August 15, preparing for new steps, implementation of new ideas, ending current matters, we will be happy to use creative energies of Leo that is filled with original ideas. There is a high possibility for new interesting offers to emerge, which are related to the expanse of your influence or projects. But, be sure to postpone reviewing this offers until August 16, when Mercury will leave first critical degrees, and Venus after exact conjunction with The Sun will change its status to “planet in the rays of The Sun”. Otherwise you will spend your time and energy for nothing.

    On the night of August 12 at 01:04 AM Uranus is changing its transition to retrograde in 7 degree of Taurus. So, be sure to be attentive during this days and especially on August 12, since a steep turn of your life can occur. It is advisable to be calm though. Since Uranus is the higher planet and it won’t discuss anything with anyone, only notifies. I recommend to avoid any risks at this time.

    This is a general picture of events. In the meantime, we start with a detailed analysis of the upcoming days, taking into account influence of lunar days and interactions of the MOON with other planets.

    On August 11 we have two intense minor aspects of The Moon. And we can’t avoid them, since they are semi-quadratures with Venus (exact aspect at 01:00 PM) and The Sun (exact aspect at 02:38 PM). This aspects can restore stressful circumstances and draw you in undercover games and intrigues. If you will be a victim to this, try to uncover everything hidden and secret. Only in this case it will be possible to solve this issue for good.

    10 and 11 lunar day will help us though. Ask for support from your Guardian Angel. Do not risk. If you start something be sure to complete it, you cannot leave them be today.

    The first half of the day of August 12 will be under conjunction of The Moon with retro-Saturn (exact aspect at 12:55 PM) influence. You can feel uncertainty, dissatisfaction, discontent, irritability, distrust, suspicion towards external circumstances or people. Try to hear and take a look at yourself. If you will be a victim to these feelings, try to find a quiet place and spend some time alone. Because until 06:59 PM this day is under the most energetic 11 lunar day, symbol of which is a “Sword”. Observe caution while you are speaking. This lunar day is also connected to Kundalini – a tremendous energy that is a part of our evolution. It is safe, if you are controlling it. Otherwise it can wreak havoc and you will face consequences for long period of time.

    In the second half of the day a sekstile of The Moon and retro-Neptune will be formed (exact aspect at 06:58 PM). We will feel better and extremely favorable time will begin. There may be a desire to do something extraordinary, unusual. It is a good time to sort out any kind of relationships, because emotional susceptibility will be higher.

    12 lunar day begins, when “you need to ask – and it will be given”. This is the lunar day of verbal magic and Gods Love. Be sure to answer someone’s call of help. Make a gift to your close ones, say something kind, inspire, support the initiative.

    On the night of August 13 at 01:11 AM The Moon will be in conjunction with retro-Pluto. After this The Moon will be void of course. Be sure to analyze dreams of this night. They can guide you to unresolved questions.

    A couple of exercises and procedures to help our body flourish!

    We start with sound toning. Sound is an acoustic embodiment of energy. Different sound combinations give us a certain type of energy. And our consciousness, like a receiver, absorbs the vibrations of this energy and directs it into cells of our body, thereby causing a resonance. The cell increases its vitality and increases self-healing.

    The sign of Capricorn is the administrator of the human body, who's task is to maintain the structure and protect the body from environmental influences. I am talking about the skeleton, skin and hair.

    Considering the designated tasks, these days we will sing “Zzoh”. This sound influences the bone marrow and the growth of bone tissue. Try your best to round the stomach while you are inhaling, and then exhale singing the sound. 10-15 minutes a day.

    While the Moon is in Capricorn you must pay attention to the hip, ankle and knee joints. Hormonal gymnastics recommends a simple, but wonderful exercise. Stand up, legs together. Sit on invisible chair, while keeping your back as straight as possible. Keep your hands in front of you. Freeze in this position for 15-20 seconds. Then straighten up. It is advisable to make this exercises 3 times.

    There is also a simple but powerful massage, which stimulates all energy flows in our body. Massage of kneecaps, where are joints of muscles, tendons and numerous lymph nodes. Massage your kneecap no more then 2 minutes, slightly touching the middle part of it. Movement should be smooth and light, without any pressure. While performing massage, breathe smoothly, calmly and naturally.

    Advice: do not overextend yourself during this days. It is important to calm down and relax, if energy ran out. This is important because, chronic disorders of the body may escalate. This is especially true for a spleen, which serves as a large blood reservoir. Try to help your body with aroma oils: juniper, grapefruit, eucalyptus, anise, mandarin, thyme, chamomile.

    And finally. In the old days, the spleen was considered an organ that gives us a good mood. So, smile more often! Not only to others, but also to yourself – Smile!

    I wish you all the best!

    * This information is generalized. Individual forecast is possible only during personal consultations.

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