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Strategy of The Hour
Astrologist Ira Krister
Moon in Aquarius August 13-16, 2019 .
FULL MOON. Keep your attention on important and long-term matters.

From August 13 06:35 PM to August 16 06:49 AM.

Lunar days:

  • 12: till August 13 07:42 PM;
  • 13: from August 13 07:42 PM to August 14 08:16 PM;
  • 14: from August 14 08:16 PM to August 15 08:45 PM;
  • 15: from August 15 08:45 PM to August 16 06:49 AM.
  • Moon void of course – August 16 from 04:02 AM to 06:49 AM.

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    The Full Moon is the main event of this days.

    It will take place August 15 03:29 PM in the sign of Aquarius, which is a counterpart to Leo, where on August 1 The New Moon occurred, symbolizing the beginning of the lunar month and a new life phase after July’s Eclipse Season.

    Let’s take a look at connection between this two events.

    The New Moon in Leo has opened new possibilities for us to improve our creative potential. The symbol of the first degree was telling us: “Glass blowers, controlling their breath, blow beautiful vases”. Breath symbolizes fortitude, reviving all spheres of life. Since glass blower forms glass with his breath, it is a wonderful symbol of how the creator must involve himself in his creation. He is also using the flame of his spirit – deeply experienced emotions. Only creativity filled with “breath” and “flame” can create beautiful works of art out of raw materials (“sand” in this case).

    And now the symbol of the first degree must show us what is going to be important for us in the second half of the lunar month. Here is the symbol: “In the circus, a bareback rider shows her dangerous art”. The meaning of this is that a human has mastered his feelings, emotions and physical state of his body. Respectively, in order to successfully use acquired skills and emerged possibilities in the first half of the month, we need to master an ability to concentrate on our chosen goal, and to improve our diplomatic skills. A happy occasion can help us to achieve results, but we need to be ready to spot it.

    Now let’s take a look at The Full Moon itself.

    The New Moon will occur in the second half of 14 lunar day. And so here is the first directive – if you already have the main goal in your life, be sure to concentrate all your energy and attention on it. Otherwise you can be pulled into secondary matters, and lose a substantial amount of time and energy. Which in this case will postpone an implementation of your main goal. The chance will be lost and you will regret this in the future.

    In general this lunar day is favorable to any matters, but especially for important and long-term ones. It is good day to think about profession or job changes. Symbols of this lunar day are Trumpet and Magic Flute. As you can understand they are related to music and other sources of information. It is advisable to chant sacred texts, which can awaken insights, meditate while listening to a beautiful music. All of this will help you to attune yourself to energies of the second half of the lunar month. It is believed that during this lunar day it is possible to hear your Soul’s song. Just try to notice a recurring melody inside your mind.

    The second directive is related to an apogee of the lunar month, which is always give you an opportunity to see the results of your earlier actions and endeavors, and at the same time to understand them and plan needed changes. So be sure to do it and to determine priorities: what needs focus and your attention, what needs to be postponed or even rejected as a whole. It is advisable to be attentive to your surroundings, to see something important in time and evaluate further possibilities.

    Now let’s talk about major aspects of The Full Moon.

    On the Eve of the Full Moon, August 14 09:07 Am a conjunction of The Sun with Venus will be exact. And I must say this is an apogee of The Sun with Venus cycle, which strongly influences The Full Moon.

    The beginning of this cycle was laid on lower connection of planets October 26, 2018 in transformation sign – Scorpio. It happened in the degree that symbolizes a preparation phase for essential life values changes through psychological reevaluation of the world and yourself, as well as a discovery of our unique talents and abilities. Literally the symbol was: “Young man carries a lit candle during his first church service” and was telling us about the beginning of spiritual participation in the work of the World, leaning on conscious connection with inner reality.

    This connection – is a symbolic “New Moon”, and the symbol of this degree is “The homer arrives early in the morning to its owners”. The meaning of this symbol – the return of energy to the center of inner self after a long adventure through the release of inner energies and their application for the sake of achieving goals.

    By the way, position of the Sun-Venus conjunction on August 14 in your Birth Chart can tell which sphere of your life will be influenced. So in August you can start to harvest a well-deserved crop in the form of financial and spiritual boons!!! Ask me for personal consultation, if necessary.

    In general, a favorable time is coming to search and begin mutually beneficial relationships. So be sure to pay a special attention to joint projects. And do not forget, you need to control your emotions and reactions. Feelings must be left aside. Know your limits. Because, a quadrature of Mercury with Uranus (the ruler of Aquariius) will be formed August 16 08:08 PM.

    This aspect can be beneficial, i.e. can shed light on some matters and help you to get rid of your limitations, manifested by psychological traps; familiar but useless relationships; to see your mistakes and fix them. If misunderstanding with relative of friends arise, try to sort them out by the means of any compromise. Especially August 15-16. If matters will get out of control, plans will be broken, meetings will be canceled, be sure to keep calm and follow this motto: “Everything is for the better”. Do not rush things, avoid making important decisions, they can harm your interests. Be cautious during this days to avoid injuries and accidents.

    A couple of exercises and procedures to help our body flourish!

    We start with sound toning. Sound is an acoustic embodiment of energy. Different sound combinations give us a certain type of energy. And our consciousness, like a receiver, absorbs the vibrations of this energy and directs it into cells of our body, thereby causing a resonance. The cell increases its vitality and increases self-healing.

    The sign of Aquarius is associated with peripheral systems of our body. Such as nervous and circulatory system.

    We will sing “Ohhho” this time. This sound perfectly copes with the purification and recovery of mentioned above systems of our body. Try your best to round the stomach while you are inhaling, and then exhale singing the sound. 10-15 minutes a day.

    This period of the Moon must be used to prevent varicose veins. Hormonal gymnastics recommends a simple, but wonderful exercise. If you don’t have hard bed, then do it on the floor. Lying on the floor, raise your arms and legs, palms and feet are parallel to the floor. First we rotate wrists and ankles, then shake a little. This is improving our blood flow.

    Walking is very useful this days, especially barefoot on an uneven surface. If you have a tendency to varicose veins, then try not to stand in one place for a long period of time.

    The HEART is in close connection with these days, which is traditionally associated with such a feeling as LOVE. Therefore, the sensation and expression of love is your source of strength and energy, which can have the most beneficial effect on the work of whole organism. Do not allow the manifestation of hypocrisy, negative thoughts. And do not take part in negative conversations. But, if it did happen, do a simple massage of the little finger, which will quickly free you from unwanted thoughts and help you tune in to positive tune. So. First, massage the pad of the little finger. Men massaging it counterclockwise before noon, and clockwise after. Women clockwise before noon, and counterclockwise after. Do not touch exactly at noon. Then massage whole little finger going up and down.

    I wish you all the best!

    * This information is generalized. Individual forecast is possible only during personal consultations.

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