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Strategy of The Hour
Astrologist Ira Krister
Moon in Aquarius October 7-9, 2019 .
The main thing is to take a break sometimes!

From October 7 06:43 AM to October 9 07:05 PM.

Lunar days:

  • 9: till October 7 04:22 PM;
  • 10: from October 7 04:22 PM to October 8 04:53 PM;
  • 11: from October 8 04:53 PM to October 9 05:19 PM;
  • 12: October 9 from 05:19 PM to 07:05 AM.
  • Moon void of course – from October 8 09:26 PM to October 9 07:05 AM.

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    The second quarter of lunar month, known as the time of Embodiment of our ideas into material world, is under the influence of Uranus, which can hasten this processes, if you will properly distribute your energy in regard to your possibilities and needs. Especially on October 7 09:17 AM, when Mercury will form an opposition with Uranus. The Moon will strengthen this confrontation with a quadrature at 05:32 PM, and The Sun will form a quadrature with Saturn at 22:07 PM.

    Since Uranus is retrograde, all sorts of surprises may occur, and they will shift the direction of current matters. We must be ready to compromise, observe composure, endurance and punctuality, to be confident that our reactions will be swift and adequate. Difficulties will be related to excessive demands towards others and hyper tension. The latter is dangerous due to a possibility to act rashly excluding important details. And this is why it is very dangerous to promise something or make decisions under the influence of emotions. Best case scenario – matters will be postponed, will demand reevaluation, or move very slowly. Worst case scenario – losses are quite possible, or you will be burdened by long-term responsibilities that can be solved by the means of bureaucratic formalities.

    On October 7 it is advisable to avoid signing important papers or spend a lot of money. Especially if they are related to finances or real estate. October 8 is not suitable to begin new projects or make deals. It is because Venus will proceed to the sign of Scorpio at 08:05 PM. And it is possible to become dependent psychologically, and even financially.

    Positive side of this aspect is that during October 8 – November 1 Venus is engaged in special relationship with Mars, since both planets in mutual reception. Under the influence of this cooperation we will feel the need for love. But since emotions are capable of distorting a real state of affairs, I suggest you to be calm and to take a break time after time to analyze your feelings with your mind.

    This days can be full of unexpected surprises. The level of emergency situations is increased. Stick to your plan. Be careful on the road. Avoid spending a lot of money. Follow the chain of command. If some matters or relationships will come to an end, do not be sad. Think about your health, since under the influence of negative

    This is a general picture of events. In the meantime, we start with a detailed analysis of the upcoming days, taking into account influence of lunar days and interactions of the MOON with other planets.

    The first half of October 7 is looking good due to a trine of the Moon with Mars (exact aspect at 1044 AM). Under the influence of this aspect we will be filled with good mood, high level of energy and inspiration. But, this surge of energy must be used wisely, to avoid going to far in communication and get involved in none of your business. It is important to follow up until 04:22 PM, while we are under 9 lunar day influence.

    The second half of the day not as safe as we want it to be. The Moon forms a quadrature with Uranus (exact aspect at 05:32 PM), and Mercury (exact aspect at 06:36 PM). Taking into consideration that 10 lunar day begins at 04:22 PM. The symbol of this lunar day is a “Fountain”. Some turns of events will be unexpected. Plans can be ruined, meetings postponed. Do not push the situation though, take a break. It is advisable to pay attention to your home, family, relatives or close ones. Try to improve family relationships. Family Tea Party is the one of the best means to achieve this. This will strengthen emotional ties of your family and you will feel satisfaction. If you have disagreements with someone, be sure to use 10 lunar day for reconciliation. Closer to the night it is a good time to think about your ancestors, ask for support and advice. Night dreaming will surely show the information you seek.

    October 8 begins with a trine of the Moon with The Sun (exact aspect at 12:21 PM), and later a sextile of the Moon with Jupiter will be formed (exact aspect at 09:26 PM). Te first half of the day is favorable for family business. Relationships, started during this day, will influence your life events for a long time. Try to be harmonious in words and actions, to reduce the influence of tense aspects, and to drag favorable events and relationships into your life. 11 lunar day begins at 04:53 PM, known as one of most powerful energetically. This energy is safe, till it’s controlled, and can help you to achieve great results. Keep attention to everything, related to you. Difficulties must be dealt with gentleness. Avoid quarrels and conflicts. Your energy must be used evenly and directed on something positive.

    During October 9 you can use advises given above, since the Moon will be void of course, and 11 lunar day will be play until 05:19 PM. And then 12 lunar day begins, on of the most wonderful in lunar month. During this lunar day it is possible to discover something important about yourself or the world around you through insights, revelations, enlightenment. It is believed that during this day “Heavenly Gates” open up, and will reward everyone according to its doings. During this lunar day we must be compassionate, but only if you are asked for it. Moreover, your participation must be limited to advice or support. Do not decide or do anything for others.

    A couple of exercises and procedures to help our body flourish!

    We start with sound toning. Sound is an acoustic embodiment of energy. Different sound combinations give us a certain type of energy. And our consciousness, like a receiver, absorbs the vibrations of this energy and directs it into cells of our body, thereby causing a resonance. The cell increases its vitality and increases self-healing.

    The sign of Aquarius is associated with peripheral systems of our body. Such as nervous and circulatory system.

    We will sing “Ohhho” this time. This sound perfectly copes with the purification and recovery of mentioned above systems of our body. Try your best to round the stomach while you are inhaling, and then exhale singing the sound. 10-15 minutes a day.

    This period of the Moon must be used to prevent varicose veins. Hormonal gymnastics recommends a simple, but wonderful exercise. If you don’t have hard bed, then do it on the floor. Lying on the floor, raise your arms and legs, palms and feet are parallel to the floor. First we rotate wrists and ankles, then shake a little. This is improving our blood flow.

    Walking is very useful this days, especially barefoot on an uneven surface. If you have a tendency to varicose veins, then try not to stand in one place for a long period of time.

    The HEART is in close connection with these days, which is traditionally associated with such a feeling as LOVE. Therefore, the sensation and expression of love is your source of strength and energy, which can have the most beneficial effect on the work of whole organism. Do not allow the manifestation of hypocrisy, negative thoughts. And do not take part in negative conversations. But, if it did happen, do a simple massage of the little finger, which will quickly free you from unwanted thoughts and help you tune in to positive tune. So. First, massage the pad of the little finger. Men massaging it counterclockwise before noon, and clockwise after. Women clockwise before noon, and counterclockwise after. Do not touch exactly at noon. Then massage whole little finger going up and down.

    I wish you all the best!

    * This information is generalized. Individual forecast is possible only during personal consultations.

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