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Strategy of The Hour
Astrologist Ira Krister
Moon in Pisces November 6 - 8, 2019
Truth won’t emerge in dispute this time

From November 6 1:08 AM till 8 1:49 PM

Under lunar days influence:

  • 10: November 6 1:08 AM till 2:47 PM;
  • 11: November 6 2:47 PM till November 7 3:07 PM;
  • 12: November 7 3:07 PM till November 8 1:49 PM;
  • Moon void of course – November 83:13 AM till 1:49 PM

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    This days of the second quarter of lunar month, knows as the time of Embodiment , will be filled with harmonious energies of transformations.

    To successfully receive and understand the incoming information and signs from Intuition, we need to to free ourselves from external informational sources, and find the time and place to be in solitude. It is favourable to meditate. If not, a simple walk in a park or autumn forest will surely benefit you. You may be visited by mystical inspiration, relations with family and friends will be coloured with new bright colours. Some of us will be able to get rid of unneeded past ideals, feelings and experiences. And then it will be possible to break free from inner and outer discrepancies and tune in to a transformational flow.

    In business it is possible to find new ways to solve current problems or end them for good. Because Neptune is in relationship with the Sun and Saturn , and forms a favourable “Temple” configuration. Moreover, Mercury is in retro-loop now.

    The second ruler of Pisces – Jupiter , is in sextile with Mars , and will favour social activity, career achievements, sphere of influence expansion, acquisition of new experience or important information. And so, do not miss this days, concentrate all your energies on the most important task. Ans then, it will be possible to acquire all necessary resources, and achieve results in the near future. Try to limit yourself though, all your doings must be well thought out.

    While keeping your stand, try to use unconditional reasons only. If you will be faced with undesirable reactions from your opponents due to your initiative, be sure to avoid quarrels, otherwise they can manifest into confrontation or manipulation. During this days it won’t be possible to find the truth in disputes, up until November 10, because of a quadrature of Jupiter with Neptune .

    And one more thing. All transformational situations, even favourable ones, most of the time is the reason of anxiety and unstable emotional state. Because of this, I recommend to refrain from mutually increased demands, reproaches or intolerance towards other people opinions.

    This is a general picture of events. In the meantime, we start with a detailed analysis of the upcoming days, taking into account influence of lunar days and interactions of the MOON with other planets.

    During November 6 we need to control our enthusiasm, because of a sextile of the Moon with Uranus (exact aspect at 09:43 AM). And then your expansiveness will be used wisely, and the desired will be in touch with reality. Be careful with promises. Under the influence of intense emotions you can be a victim to responsibilities that won’t be possible to carry out later. And thus, instead of freeing yourself from existing burdens, you can increase the amount of them. And this is because of a quadrature of the Moon with Venus (exact aspect at 12:41 PM). Especially, because this day will be under 10 and 11 lunar days influence, which are energetically powerful. An 11 lunar day begins at 02:47 PM. This also means that all started matters need to be finished during this lunar day. If you are hesitant about something, do not initiate anything. Otherwise the process will develop on its own, and you will be unhappy with results.

    The first half of November 7 will be fortunate due to a trine of the Moon with the Sun (exact aspect at 06:25 AM) and a sextile of the Moon with Saturn (exact aspect at 10:18 AM). Under the influence of this aspects all matters will develop nicely, with a distinctive signs of success. It is possible to normalize relationships, achieve agreements, clean up your thoughts, tidy up current matters. Thus, any positive deeds will e rewarded tenfold.

    Also, aspects mentioned above are in active participation with a conjunction of the Moon with Neptune (exact aspect at 09:38 AM). And the symbol of the first degree - “Officer in dress uniform is holding a golden spear above his head”. This is a symbol of Proclamation. Thanks to it, it will be possible to achieve your goals with the help of persistence and determination. Be sure to consult with your Intuition though.

    The second half of the day will be under 12 lunar day influence. It means that we need to slow down for a bit and evaluate the flow of events. If you will be happy with the development, then you can actively participate in them. I recommend to be very cautious about shady and risky business, financial investments or cooperation with questionable people.

    This time is favourable to improve your relationships, if they are in crisis for some reason. All kinds of communications, discussions, quarrels will be for the better. A sextile of the Moon with Pluto (exact aspect at 07:33 PM) will contribute generously. It is advisable to be modest and generous during this day. During this lunar day it is possible to discover something important about yourself or the world around you through insights, revelations, enlightenment. It is believed that during this day “Heavenly Gates” open up, and will reward everyone according to its doings.

    November 8 begins with a trine of the Moon with Mercury (exact aspect at 12:52 AM). Night owls can count on activity in contacts and trips. It is also possible to receive a bit of useful information in the most unexpected way. At 03:13 AM an exact quadrature of the Moon with Jupiter will be formed, Later the Moon will be void of course. Events during this time can take an undesirable course, and you will be faced with disadvantageous conditions. Especially, if it is related to ideological disagreements.

    A couple of exercises and procedures to help our body flourish!

    We start with sound toning. Sound is an acoustic embodiment of energy. Different sound combinations give us a certain type of energy. And our consciousness, like a receiver, absorbs the vibrations of this energy and directs it into cells of our body, thereby causing a resonance. The cell increases its vitality and increases self-healing.

    The sign of Pisces is the last in Zodiac System. And his task is to complete anything, that other systems for some reason forgot to do. This sign is symbolizing ocean on Earth and that is why connected to all liquid systems of human body. Pisces relates to lymphatic system, closing liquid circulation and at the same time neutralizing all alien bodies, plus immune system – human body secret police.

    This time we will sing “Ehh” sound. This sound wonderfully manages cleaning and recovery lymphatic and immune system. Try your best to round the stomach while you are inhaling, and then exhale singing the sound. 10-15 minutes a day.

    While the Moon in Pisces it is recommend to pay attention to your feet. Feet contains all ending points of energy meridians. Hormonal gymnastics suggests their rubbing, one by one and all together.

    First of all we need to rub our hands till they become hot. Then start with your feet. If you feel painful spots, pay to them increased attention. Especially massage centre of your feet – between heel and fingers. In the end rub legs from bottom to top.

    Additionally I recommend to do this exercises.

    Exercise #1. Very, very useful!

    Drop on the floor various objects, no less then 7, for example: pen, pencil, marker, eraser etc. Now try to grab them with your feet. If during exercise you are experiencing cramps, just lift your fingers up.

    Exercise #2.

    Stand up, feet together, and squeeze your teeth. Lift your heels for 3-5 centimetres, then abruptly descend. It is recommended to do around 30 such “bounces” 5 times a day, but no more than 1 “bounce” a second. Thanks to this exercise your blood flow will be improved. It is said, that such exercise prevents veins blockage, normalizing arterial pressure and improving brain functions. This exercise is especially useful for people who are standing still or sitting for a long periods of time.

    Exercise #3.

    It is better to perform right after you woke up. And not only during this period. So, bend your left leg, place your right leg on left knee, and start rotating your right foot clockwise for 7 seconds, then counter-clockwise. Then do the same for other foot. Do it as much as you like.

    Breathing during every exercise is deep and even.

    It’s good if during this days you house will be filled with minor music. While the Moon in Pisces our body needs more carbohydrates than usual, so treat yourself with something yummy.

    I wish you all the best!

    * This information is generalized. Individual forecast is possible only during personal consultations.

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