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Strategy of The Hour
Astrologist Ira Krister
Moon in Aquarius December 1 - 3, 2019
We live to learn, learn to live!

From December 1 12:13 AM till 3 9:10 AM

Under lunar days influence:

  • 5: December 1 12:13 AM till 11:56 AM;
  • 6: December 1 11:56 AM till December 2 12:27 PM;
  • 7: December 2 12:27 PM till December 3 9:10 AM;
  • Moon void of course – December 22:27 PM till 9:10 AM 3

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    It is time to meet December… The month that is filled with miracles, since its majestic energies accompany us everywhere and ready to make the most cherished dreams to come true, of course if we will be able to use them the right way and be prepared to meet them at a specific date and time. I will try to be your guide and provide you with important information. And you, my friends, must be ready to follow my advise, open your hearts and souls, so you won’t miss wonderful moments of this sacred month.

    In the mean time, the Moon is in Aquarius in the first quarter of lunar month, known as the time of Initiations . Current lunar days will be commemorated by important astrological event that will influence us up until December 2020. It is related to Jupiter that will transit from Sagittarius (inspired sign that always strive for expansion) to Capricorn (pragmatic and restrained sign). This aspect will be exact December 2 08:21 PM. The rulers of Capricorn, as well as Aquarius, are Saturn and Uranus .

    While Jupiter is in the first three critical degrees of the sign, related to adaptation to new conditions and change of approaches that were formed during the last year, it is advisable to slow down until December 17 and carefully evaluate changes around yourself. And then it will be possible to adjust all your ‘instruments’ to new conditions. It is also so important, because Uranus is in a trine with Jupiter , while Saturn is forming a conjunction with Pluto (exact aspect January 12, 2020). Let me remind you, everything depends on our ability to adapt to new situations, only then we will be able to see and benefit from new opportunities that are created by similar kind of planetary interaction. Those old enough, I suggest you to look back 33-34 years ago and try to recall your life events. Maybe you will be able to find some tips on how to benefit from this rarest aspect now.

    Do not forget about the second phase of Mercurial cycle that started October 20, 2019 and will last until January 10, 2020. It is important to pay attention to advancements of your plans and understand that transition from one level to another is always means the expansion of your consciousness, as well as the ability to function on a broader plane of existence, enriching relationships due to expansion of your influence and usefulness to others.

    This is a general picture of events. In the meantime, we start with a detailed analysis of the upcoming days, taking into account influence of lunar days and interactions of the MOON with other planets.

    The first half of December 1 looks stressful, because of two quadratures of the Moon . The first aspect with Uranus (exact at 04:38 AM), and the second with Mars (exact at 01:43 PM). Because of this surroundings may be filled with irritability, intolerance, inability to understand, bad mood and tendency to argue, which can lead to conflicts due to the powerful desire to tell the truth. As a result, it will be hard to recall what started it all, so be cautious. Moreover, up until 11:56 AM a fifth lunar day is in play, which is related to personal transformations, whether we aware of it or not. And because of this some events can be intensified with uneditable and inadequate response.

    The second half of the day will more pleasant, since the Moon forms a sextile with the Sun (exact aspect at 03:43 PM) and sixths lunar day will begin. There is a high possibility of prospects, but to achieve them we must work hard. The ability to adapt will increase, intuition and creativity will at peak capacity, there is a chance to receive the desired response. So to say, if you have an important meeting and project presentation, appoint it on the second half of the day. Current matters will develop nicely, stressful situation of the first half of the day will improve, conflicts can be fixed. Try to be calm, observing inner balance, since during this days we begin to absorb and assimilate new energies of lunar month. The quality of your life depends on it. Intuition will be peaking, so if you are a spiritual being, there is a high possibility of inspirations.

    Dreams during this day are prophetic, but you must not tell anyone about them.

    During December 2 the Moon will form a single major aspect – a quadrature with Mercury . It will be exact at 02:27 PM, and then the Moon will be void of course. Be prepared for unexpected turns of events. For example, some of your plans will crumble, events and meetings postponed. Try to find positive side of it. Anyway, do not initiate any important negotiations during the second half of the day.

    I suggest you to use seventh lunar day to its fullest. It is related to the power of words, when everything said can make it a reality in astral or mental worlds. It is not important which method you will choose, chanting, mantras, affirmations or using your own words, the most important thing is the type on energy and emotions you will fill it. Take my advice and benefit from aroma therapy. Light up incense or use essential oils. Pleasant odor will help to tune in with the higher forces.

    Avoid any sorts of negative chattering during this lunar day, since they tend to come true, or will attract all sorts of troubles into your life. It is advisable to refrain from large-scale events or noisy parties.

    A couple of exercises and procedures to help our body flourish!

    We start with sound toning. Sound is an acoustic embodiment of energy. Different sound combinations give us a certain type of energy. And our consciousness, like a receiver, absorbs the vibrations of this energy and directs it into cells of our body, thereby causing a resonance. The cell increases its vitality and increases self-healing.

    The sign of Aquarius is associated with peripheral systems of our body. Such as nervous and circulatory system.

    We will sing “Ohhho” this time. This sound perfectly copes with the purification and recovery of mentioned above systems of our body. Try your best to round the stomach while you are inhaling, and then exhale singing the sound. 10-15 minutes a day.

    This period of the Moon must be used to prevent varicose veins. Hormonal gymnastics recommends a simple, but wonderful exercise. If you don’t have hard bed, then do it on the floor. Lying on the floor, raise your arms and legs, palms and feet are parallel to the floor. First we rotate wrists and ankles, then shake a little. This is improving our blood flow.

    Walking is very useful this days, especially barefoot on an uneven surface. If you have a tendency to varicose veins, then try not to stand in one place for a long period of time.

    The HEART is in close connection with these days, which is traditionally associated with such a feeling as LOVE. Therefore, the sensation and expression of love is your source of strength and energy, which can have the most beneficial effect on the work of whole organism. Do not allow the manifestation of hypocrisy, negative thoughts. And do not take part in negative conversations. But, if it did happen, do a simple massage of the little finger, which will quickly free you from unwanted thoughts and help you tune in to positive tune. So. First, massage the pad of the little finger. Men massaging it counter-clockwise before noon, and clockwise after. Women clockwise before noon, and counter-clockwise after. Do not touch exactly at noon. Then massage whole little finger going up and down.

    I wish you all the best!

    * This information is generalized. Individual forecast is possible only during personal consultations.

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